Saturday, 21 February 2015


Masturbation: the truth behind the closed door. Masturbation: the truth behind the closed door.The time when was ashamed to utter the word "masturbation" aloud, fortunately, a long time ago in the past. Today, every second woman and every man can absolutely calmly talk about it. 

Modern society is definitely brought up differently there is a possibility, not hiding it, to understand how to relax, how to achieve orgasm and explore all the nuances of his body. Of course, as a rule, this topic remains only in the bedroom and is still considered intimate, but no longer need to hide the fact that the girl and the guy is able to satisfy themselves. 

It is worth noting that masturbation the process of pleasure alone. The reasons that lead women to do this can be a great variety: from the lack of a partner, ending his inability to satisfy. In the modern world rarely possible to meet a girl who reaches orgasm during every sex, basically it is obtained after, during masturbation. Perhaps it has something to do with health problems may have something with a partner, and he does not fully liberated and have fun. Unfortunately, the statistics on this issue deplorable: more than 89% of women who have regular sex life, do not get an orgasm.  

Masturbation can help women understand their bodies and understand the way in which it is able to enjoy. Later, after the self-knowledge, it can share the information with a partner to their sex life was full. In addition, with the help of masturbation can relieve nervous tension and fatigue. You do not need a lot of time or any certain skills. The body will tell you what to do. Easy masturbation is permissible even before a date with someone you love, believe me, if you comes to sex, it will definitely be a memorable one.

Of course, we must understand that this kind of self-knowledge can have many negative effects, and the worst thing the rejection of real sex. There are cases when a woman is perfectly herself and understands that for these purposes it does not need a man. In fact, in this situation we can say there is a problem. Most often it faced by those who find it difficult to win a man to find a mate, it is clogged, uninteresting and notorious people. They are fixed in their minds this pattern of behavior is brought pleasure yourself as the norm and other already perceive not. Girls often masturbate in bed forced to portray an orgasm, because a man can not give her those pleasures to which she was accustomed. Thus,SEX does not make her any pleasure, making once again think about their inferiority. So she continues to deceive partner and already embarrassed to admit that sex life does not suit her.

A man who is used to satisfy himself as a young boy, in adult life and did experience fear intimacy with a woman. It is therefore not to be ashamed of his partner, if it something you do not like feel free to tell him about it. Otherwise, there is the likelihood of achieving absolute solitude in the bathroom behind closed doors. Remember, masturbating possible, but depend on it no.

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