Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Me want to surprise a loved one at the meeting. So I went outside in a light coat, under which only wore a beautiful pink lingerie and stockings set tan belt. Representing the astonished eyes dilated Vlad, I smiled. But Vlad's why it was not. We began freezing feet, shod in light shoes. I began to look into the pockets of the phone, but it turned out that I forgot it in the apartment. Ran back to the entrance, but then knocked in the head that left the keys inside the apartment and slammed the door. 
I returned to the street, Vlad was not. Swearing at him and at myself for whiskey drunk on an empty stomach, I decided to return home to the hostel 
The village into the first taxi. Young blond driver in fashionable glasses with interest looking at the knees, nice peeking out from under her coat. Noticing this, I smelled stronger robe. The guy asked, "Are you all right? Do not need help? To which I replied dryly: "Do not worry, I have money, the fare calculated. In the windows of the hostel was dark. I went up to the third floor, opened the door and heard some typical groans. Is a neighbor brought a man, I thought. Taking off shoes, looked into the room and was stunned. In the bed of her neighbor was Vlad. Well, you and the skunk! I'll expect a full hour in the cold. What do you think that Vlad will throw to you by your first call? Where did you get this coat than you earned it? Cattle! I shouted and ran out of the hostel. 
I woke up when the car stopped next to the familiar driver opened the door: Girl, sit down! I immediately realized that something was wrong and decided to wait for you. My name is Igor. 
We was rode through the city, I had nowhere to go, then crying, then smiling, I told the story of Igor current events and all about himself. Igor said that he came to St. Petersburg recently, but already found a job, and a taxi from loneliness and in order to make extra money. 

Field kiss Igor invited his half-empty apartment. After drinking coffee, WE spread coat on the floor and hurrying to do it with love. Sex was very nice, satisfying for both partners. Luxurious fur coats pleasantly caressed our sweaty bodies, the speakers came easy music.My both lay and nothing thinking.

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