Saturday, 18 April 2015


Men's passion without alcohol does not do any romantic date, or meeting unexpected privacy. What it is: the mentality or nurture? But to know how alcohol affects the quality of sex is necessary. And then you decide that it is better to choose the sex or intimate conversations.
Alcohol in moderation is drunk men, helps to strengthen the attraction to the lady, relax and widen blood vessels, the blood rushed to the right areas. A little bit of alcohol drunk soothes, lost the fear and excitement in connection with the erection and moral principles are retreating.
Alcohol increases the excitement, but reduces sexual performance. If a sober man can commit four sexual intercourse, the drinking of wine, the number is reduced sometimes twice, or, in general, to a sexual encounter. But there is a plus, reduces sensitivity and increases the duration of intercourse. A woman can take your time and enjoy all the fullness of emotions from sex and male orgasm loses its brightness.

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